Friday, 31 May 2013

My Mate's Blog-It Challenge

I have a friend (yes, only one, naturally) called Josie.
Josie has some dealings (not the legal type) with a group of people
who she's been helping to develop their writing skills.
Cretan creativity with a satellite dish

She set them a Blog-It Challenge, to write a blog about anything that they wished to express. (No themes imposed, see, liberty is all). They could do their expressing in any form they liked - story, poem, article. The blogs could be written using any style of language - informative, persuasive, entertaining.

I'd like to read those blogs when they've done them, says me to my mate.

You can, she says.

(I hope the dialogue's not getting too deep)

I wouldn't mind posting a couple of the best ones on my blog, says I.

You can, says she.

Anyhows, the blogs are now written. My mate Josie tells me that she's proper chuffed with the results; that she's proud of those people.

I'm looking forward to reading them (the blogs). Not that far forward because as soon as I post this post, I'm off to access those blogs and choose a couple that I'd like to share with you.

My guests and I will see you in a wee while. (That's Scottish for 'at some point soon'. Don't think I haven't been paying attention in Aberdeen.)

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