Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hmmm, where's the darn piccie?

Image referred to in the most recent posting seems to have dropped through its own perforations ... let's see if I can catch it and post it here as per original intention ...

Ah, here it is above ...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Past Decembers - an image

Once on a winter solstice ...

Naming the blog - first up - Daldinia

Okie dokie, I've had a think about naming the oh-what-an-ugly-word Blog. I've decided there's absolutely no way I'm going to come up with a name that I'm going to like continuously, for ever and ever ...

So in the spirit of self-awareness I see the only resolution to be choosing a name For Now (this is not the name by the way, it's a personality trait ...) and then changing it whenever I feel like it. It's my blog after all.

I've decided name one will be Daldinia.
It has a certain ring to it.
Literally as it happens, because daldinia is a type of fungus (yes, I did say fungus), whose full name is 'daldinia concentrica' or it could be concentricus, but I don't think that's important really.
Daldinia concentrica is more commonly known as King Arthur's Rings
Cos the fungus is black like burned cakes.
Actually I'm thinking I may have mentioned the daldinia earlier in this blog, no matter, re-incarnation does have that 're' quality about it, as in 'returning', or 'reverting' or in any case 'taking summat from the past'
That's alright then.

Reincarnation decision one - the fi benson blog will forthwith be known as Daldinia.

That feels better.

Time for another photo I think, let's have a browse ...

Full moon

'tis a full moon tonight, Wednesday 2nd December.

Actually, I'm reliably informed by my lunar diary that it was actually full moon at 7 27 this morning.
And it's been out celebrating all day.
Which is why it's flat out and steaming on the ground like in this here photograph (see below) ...

I dunno, you can't even trust the moon to behave itself these days, tsk tsk


There's an interesting subject! But only if you're interested in it I suppose, like most things, like everything probably. And vast - the subject of reincarnation that is. So, without a rambling introduction - too late, I know - just thought I'd return and reincarnate me blog ...

I hope it's missed me.
I've certainly missed the blog
This is clearly a goddamn lie, because if I'd missed it that much I'd have given it some interaction since the last post (cue for a few bugle strains? Perhaps not) in July.

But I have been terrifically busy ...
Oh, here come the excuses I hear Blog say
Dear, dear, I can't be referring to me blog as Blog, very boring, and let's face it not particularly 'pleasing' as a word, is it, blog. Not like say 'Wednesday' or 'juxtaposition' or something equally as attractive!

No, blog won't do.
And since it's re-incarnation day, a new name for the rebirth would be a good idea.
I'll be back when I've had a think.
See you in July.
Only joking