Friday, 2 December 2011

Making The Most Of

A writer-friend recommended the following article, and now I'm recommending it to any of you writerlies who want to hear some good suggestions on how to make the most of the research and early draftings you do towards finished pieces.

'Tis interesting and useful.
If you enjoy it, if you'd like me to include further blog links here in my own blog, let me know.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

More haste, less hash

Okie dokie,
that twitter address for my good self is @Fibenson1.
See, this is what you get when you dash, an unnecessary desire for hash.
Let this be a lesson (to me)

Busy Bee

Buzz, buzz ...
It's been a hectic few writerly months.
My epublished Hang On A Minute! - on Amazon for Kindle UK & USA - has sales nicely trickling in, I've written two children's books that I'm merrily revising-and-hawking, revising-and-hawking, I'm almost finished the anthology Through The Skylight - humour & travel, and I've started to write a supernatural thriller (ooooo, spoooky!).
I'm gaining much from LinkedIn sub-group discussions and I've switched from PC to Mac (actuarlly I'm ambidexterously using both at the moment until I get the full hang of the Mac-machine, having fun).
And I've started to tweet - I cannot tell you how perfectly the Twitter concept suits my butterfly modus operandi .... oh, I just did. I'm at ... hache fibenson1 (hmmm, where's the hash key on the mac keyboard .. must find out ...)
What you up to, followers??