Saturday, 7 August 2010

Walking on water III

There! :-)

Walking on water II

Hmmm, I'm not so sure you believe me, I'll find a clearer water-walker, hang on, checking the million photos now ... hasta la vista, wiv another piccie, spk soon

Walking on water

So there I was driving away from the Create building on the Brunel Lock in Bristol, and the sun was shining, and I was full of the joy of a beautiful day, so full that there wasn't any room for brain cells ... clearly ... because instead of taking the lane that would put me nicely on the road back towards the Forest and a planned meander in Chepstow I found myself heading along the A370 under the Clifton Bridge and heading towards Nailsea, Blackwell and the like ... Having made this mistake before I knew that it was a divil of a road to find a place to turn round ... so I didn't bother and substituted Chepstow with Weston.

Hadn't been to Weston for years 'n years.

Stayed there till sunset, visited the International Sand Sculpture Festival, had vegetable jalfrezi and sag paneer on the harbour steps, watched people walking on water ...

No sh*t, they sooooooo were, I have the photos to prove it. See! You'll have to look closer, that sort of thickening in the middle-ish, that be a person ...
I didn't have time to walk on water meself, but I plan on a return visit to do just that, oh and buy pewter sea-horses at the market. And eat more of the Cinnamon Indian take away food watching the sun go down on the sea ...