Thursday, 1 December 2011

Busy Bee

Buzz, buzz ...
It's been a hectic few writerly months.
My epublished Hang On A Minute! - on Amazon for Kindle UK & USA - has sales nicely trickling in, I've written two children's books that I'm merrily revising-and-hawking, revising-and-hawking, I'm almost finished the anthology Through The Skylight - humour & travel, and I've started to write a supernatural thriller (ooooo, spoooky!).
I'm gaining much from LinkedIn sub-group discussions and I've switched from PC to Mac (actuarlly I'm ambidexterously using both at the moment until I get the full hang of the Mac-machine, having fun).
And I've started to tweet - I cannot tell you how perfectly the Twitter concept suits my butterfly modus operandi .... oh, I just did. I'm at ... hache fibenson1 (hmmm, where's the hash key on the mac keyboard .. must find out ...)
What you up to, followers??

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