Wednesday, 2 December 2009


There's an interesting subject! But only if you're interested in it I suppose, like most things, like everything probably. And vast - the subject of reincarnation that is. So, without a rambling introduction - too late, I know - just thought I'd return and reincarnate me blog ...

I hope it's missed me.
I've certainly missed the blog
This is clearly a goddamn lie, because if I'd missed it that much I'd have given it some interaction since the last post (cue for a few bugle strains? Perhaps not) in July.

But I have been terrifically busy ...
Oh, here come the excuses I hear Blog say
Dear, dear, I can't be referring to me blog as Blog, very boring, and let's face it not particularly 'pleasing' as a word, is it, blog. Not like say 'Wednesday' or 'juxtaposition' or something equally as attractive!

No, blog won't do.
And since it's re-incarnation day, a new name for the rebirth would be a good idea.
I'll be back when I've had a think.
See you in July.
Only joking



  1. Hiya Lindsey!

    Thanks for your comments.

    Yep, time for me to return to the land of bl ... Daldinia

    And see you on the Celtic Year very soon