Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What time is it Mr Wolf?

Blimey oh, look at the time, it's March! How did that happen?

Since the last posting back in December I have been busy ...

being entranced by the extended snowfall ... high on a hill in me cosy coat, yodel a-ee, yodel a-ee, yodel-a-ee-o ... up Worral Hill in the freezing cold, yodel a-ee, yodel a-ee, yodel-ayyyyyy ...

I can't think that's how you spell all those yodels though, ne'er mind.

The 'high on a hill' lines are the start of a poem that I performed at Maggie Clutterbuck's Poetry Evening at the Annexe in Lydney in February, great fun evening. The poem's called 'The Important Question', it's definitely a winter-seasonal poem, so maybe catch me for a rendition next winter ...

Further writings from the snowbinding include the tale 'The Anagantian Enchantment', well, it's called that at the moment, but it might also appear as 'Lullaby', haven't decided yet. Marquez seems to have squeezed his fabulously magic-realist way into it too

writing Sea-Fruit for the Coleford Festival of Words' March cabaret at the Kavern Bar in Coleford ...

working with some gifted and interestin' children at Steam Mills primary school in the Forest, doing a project called 'The Weather Machine'. The school has its own weather station, which I think is very, very cool ...

playing country kitchen and making loadsa Indian food and spicy stews

meandering ... more of that in postings-to-come and in my next book of tales which I'm busy compiling, hope to have a publisher for the finished version some time late summer or early autumn

supporting the fundraising for Lydbrook Church, more of that anon

preparing for my firstest ever visit to the US, more of that anon also

writing Wolf Month, another tale for the CFOW cabaret evening methinks

Anyways, that's a quickie summary just so we're all catched up ... sort of.

My next posting won't be so long in coming, because I just have to tell you about a great pub in Monmouth that I visited for the first time on Monday evening - the pub that is, I've been a Monmouth-loiterer for decades

Hope you're all well!


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