Thursday, 16 July 2009

More nonsense

As per previous posting re a bit of nonsense, here's another of the absurdist poetry



The giraffe is a tall fish
that flies from tree to tree
and bush to bush
and shrub to shrub
seeking kidney pies to eat.

This is no mean feat.

The buzzard is a beetle
with a turtle on its back
and as it crawls along a path
its scales grow out and in and out
and sometimes turn to black.

This depends upon the track.

The woman is a tiny bird
who swims through salty seas
and rocky hills and windy plains
to look for fun and frolic
that she'll pass on to her mate.

This allegedly is her fate.

The reader is a strange cheese
who doesn't sleep a lot,
who can smell a rat from outer space,
can spot a joke in an elephant's face
and knows nonsense when she sees it

not mistaking it for wit.

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