Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sculpturals & the CY Project


Last post (as it were), I forgot completely the reason why I popped in to post ... 'twas as below

As I've mentioned in an earlier posting, us contributors on th Celtic Year Project have devised autobiographical details using the Celtic calendar as catalyst for specific information about our good selves.

In one of the autobiog sequences I mention favourite places. These include the site of the 20-odd piece sculpture 'Conversation Piece'. This is its formal name, locally we all refer to it as The Gossipers. Maybe everyone who visits it refers to it as the Gossipers and only the artist calls it by its chosen name, I don't know.

Anyways, the Gossipers are located on the shore of a little beach in South Shields in the north-east of England, and I love them.

I popped in to post a photo of them ...

There they are
Hope you like them
Actually I've just realised that one of them looks like (s)he's wet her/himself. I might look out another photo
Off to search

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